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Oscar von Lowenfels

SCH III (297 Pts.!); KORUNG III; VDH Ch.

OSCAR was the ultimate working Malinois renown for his strength, intensity, courage and speed; and the incredible ability to pass this on to countless descendants! Whereby Oscar is listed in the 3rd generation of their pedigrees, these descendant have and are national level participants from various countries and various disciplines.  He was known for his potent genetic makeup.  


In no breed, or country, has there been a more influential sire!  Just some of his outstanding descendants include:


Urs, Ursus, Ux, Kora, Zahra, Sina, GAYAL, Chico, Crack, Duc, Nico, Nando, A'Nando, Rambo, Goda, Golda, SAJA all of von lowenfels Kennel, as well as Askia, Baton, Bo, Butch, tie-clip, Cartouche, Vitou of vom rotten falken kennel! 


Oscar was the Master and world champion for working Belgian Malinois.  No other Malinois has made such an impact in Germany in the performance or breeding arena!  Even today, his progeny are exhibiting that same intense drive, hardness, and speed!  Oscar was the definition of athleticism and correct original Malinois type!