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Dr. P's Training

Working Malinois Network

Malinois Working Network--BB

Ringsport Webring

Malinut Homepage

American Dutch Shepherd Club

FCI Standard



Malinois Knowledge Base

Overview of the Frenchring Program

Hondensport en Sporthonden

Extensive Health Related Information

Belgian Malinois Webring--Kennel, Breed, & Sport Clubs


Breeders / Kennels


Michel & Dominique Valladon

Les Ombre Valeureux Working Dogs

Emmanuel Kennels

Von Loewenfels Malinois

Von Christel Kennels

Van Joefarm Kennels

Dantero Kennels

Ot Vitosha Malinois

Du Ciel Rouge


Related E-Lists & Forums


Protection Dog List (PD-L)

Extremely popular and educational list with respect to working dogs

KNPV Police dogs

KNPV & Police Dog Training. Discussions on KNPV trials, dogs and more.

Malinois Sportdogs

This is a list for those who have Malinois or are interested in doing Schutzhund, Ringsport or KNPV with their dogs.   Hopefully will be a great learning list.   


The Mondioring List is for any interested individuals who wish to learn more about or share training information for the sport of Mondioring.  This will be a forum for discussion of the emerging sport of Mondioring in North America."


This list is intended for those who are involved and/or interested in Frenchring Sport.  

Working Belgians

An e-mail discussion list for those interested in all aspects of Belgian Shepherd Dogs working in Schutzhund, Ring, KNPV, or Personal Protection.

Working Dogs

Online instant notification service for new articles, events, books, breeding opportunities, services, and everything else of interest to readers of, the international sport and working dog cyberzine.

Working Shepherds

This is a discussion group that is meant to have a FREE OPEN EXCHANGE OF IDEAS AND OPINIONS regarding training and genetics. No egos please, just people who want to teach and learn. We are mainly interested in finding out the results, differences and similarities between the formerly known continental shepherd breeds and their crosses. We want to seek the truth and find the ultimate working shepherd dog that can be used for police, military, sport, SAR, Personal protection and the attributes of such a dog. The dogs of interest are the Mechelaar (malinois), Dutch shepherd, working German Shepherd and any mixture of these 3 breeds.

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