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  Puppy Questionnaire

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The Malinois is a unique and unequalled working breed in many respects.  Our Malinois are only placed into approved homes.  Preference will be given to working homes.  Emphasis and every effort is made to place our Malinois in homes suitable to their specific character and needs. 

What made you choose a Malinois?


Do you prefer to consider a male or female Malinois?

How and where will your Malinois be housed?

What type of training will you ensure for your Malinois?  What type of activities would you involve your Malinois in during your time spent with your dog?

Do you own or rent your home?

Have you had any experience have you had with working breeds?  Which breeds?  Please elaborate.

Are you employed?  How many hours per week?

Are there any children in the household?  How many and the ages of each? Have your children ever had negative experiences with dogs in the past? If so, please explain.

Will your Malinois be crated or kenneled?

Are you a member of any canine clubs or organizations?

Do your future plans include breeding this Malinois?  If not, do you plan to spay or neuter your Malinois?

How would you describe your lifestyle?

Are there any other animals in the household?  How many? What type? How would you describe their temperaments?

How much free time do you have to give your Malinois?  Daily? Weekly?

Have you inquired about the regional/municipal bylaws for your area with respect to the number of animals allowed on the premises?

What type of Malinois character traits do you feel would compliment your family's lifestyle?  Just click with your mouse in the applicable boxes.


Playful       Energetic      Friendly w/ Strangers        Protective      Dominant

Good with other Animals      Confident        Good with Children         Easy Going 

Mellow        Sensitive to your handling         Hard/Tough            Other


If any of the above need elaborating or you've checked the 'Other' box, then please elaborate:


Are you or will you be involved in any dog sports such as:  KNPV, Mondioring, NAPD, ASR, Frenchring, Schutzhund?

I have read and understood the contents of this questionnaire.


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Author B. Brinac.
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Revised: December 26, 2001 .