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'The Malinois which is known all over the world and who has offspring everywhere is now a living legend'.--
Nicky of van Joefarm Kennels, Belgium.

Nicky and Bertrand of van Joefarm Kennels acquired Elgos in 1995. Bertrand competed with Elgos in the 1995 Mondio Championships 12 days after receiving him! To make things even more difficult, Bertrand did not speak French which Elgos was accustomed to from his previous owner. In this championship Elgos placed 8th!
Elgos' last trial was the Mondioring Championships in 1997. He is retired now.
In the last IPO Belgian Shepherd Championship in Holland, 21% were Elgos' progeny. A few of the better known Elgos' offspring include: Stoned van de Duvetorre IPO III. Stoned was 1 of only 5 dogs (out of 66) to achieve a V in protection at the 1998 Belgian World Championship. He was the 1997 Belgian IPO Champion. Offspring have already achieved international level competition and have been titled in IPO and Mondio Ring ; Sagor van Joefarm, as well an Elgos' son has been selected for third time for the World Championships; Siblacky van Joefarm is another son of Elgos, competing in Belgian Ring and Mondioring : 2nd in Mondioring Championship Cat. 2 and numerous first place finishes in Belgian Ring St-Hubert.



Just a few outstanding Progeny...

Kukay's Quatro KNPVII
Stoned van de Duvetorre IPO3
Sagor van Joefarm IPO3
Sultano van Joefarm KNPVI

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