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                         Pedigree of Tyr







Elgos du Chemin des Plaines

Belg. Ring I; Mondio III; FR III

Bass De La Noaillerie

Ch Tr. Robin De La Fontaine Du Buis

Mutin De La Fontaine Du Buis

Nelia De La Fontaine Du Buis

Ch Tr. T'Magritt De La Noaillerie

Cuik Du Clos St. Michel

Lassa De La Noaillerie

Vera De La Fontaine Du Buis

Mansour De La Fontaine Du Buis

Vico De Turenfels

Ch Tr. Itha De La Fontaine Du Buis

Morane De La Fontaine Du Buis

Vicqy Du Faubourg Des Postes

Vega De Ventadour


Thora van Joefarm


Roe van Joefarm

Belg. Ring I; Mondio III

Lucas Des Deux Pottois


Gina Des Deux Pottois



Kita van 't Nievelkapelhof


Gaillard du Boscaille

Espoir du Boscaille

Zorina du Boscaille

Laicka du Boscaille

Faucon du Boscaille

Java du Boscaille


'Tyr' (Yakk van Joefarm), was imported at four months from Belgium.   He is an incredibly fast learner.  His genetic full bite and drive are outstanding.  He is in the midst of learning Ring III exercises at 11 months!  His temperament is incredibly balanced, and after much research, prior to importing him, I can only attribute these great qualities to his incredible sire, Elgos Du Chemin Des Plaines .

This Malinois is versatile.  He could be utilized for any type of work.  He is very hard for one so young with enough sharpness, should one wish to incorporate him into non-sporting disciplines.  He is one of the most consistent dogs I have ever owned, trained or handled.

Tyr had his preliminary elbow and hip x-rays evaluated as excellent.  He will be CKC and AKC registered upon receipt of his FCI papers.  He stands currently at 25" at the shoulder and weighs 75 lbs.  He is truly a proud reflection of his genetic heritage.

Upon Registration, stud services will be made available to approved bitches.



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