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Informative Links




Dr. P's Training

Working Malinois Network

Malinois Working Network--BB

Ringsport Webring

Malinut Homepage

American Dutch Shepherd Club

FCI Standard

Protection Dog List (PD-L)



Malinois Knowledge Base

Overview of the Frenchring Program

Hondensport en Sporthonden

Extensive Health Related Information

Belgian Malinois Webring--Kennel, Breed, & Sport Clubs


Breeders / Kennels


Von Christel Kennels

Van Joefarm Kennels

Dantero Kennels

Ot Vitosha Malinois

Du Ciel Rouge

Michel & Dominique Valladon

Les Ombre Valeureux Working Dogs

Emmanuel Kennels

Von Loewenfels Malinois


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